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[Nepal : Emergency WASH Intervention for Saptari District, Nepal] ~Intern Reports2~

JISP dispatched 4 interns to Saptari area. All four have participated in the Nepal Disaster Specialist Education Program (NDSEP, founded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

How did they find the field?

I visited the rural village of Saptari district for monitoring and evaluation. In my eyes, the people living in the villages I had visited are not only flood victims, but also suffer from poor socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions. Because of these low economic conditions and poor educational status, the villagers have no sufficient knowledge about sanitation and personal hygiene. I found that the filter equipment and WASH kits provided by JISP to the beneficiaries were used properly on a daily basis. Through my field trip to Koiladi and Shakarapura villages, I have learned about the importance of socio-cultural perspective & social barriers. I am happy to see the understanding level of beneficiaries concerning how to drink and use clean water for their health has increased. More painfully, I can also see that villagers are extremely poor and need more support in their life. They need more education and intervention on personal hygiene and sanitation issues. They are surrounded with extreme poverty and need livelihood support and income generation programs.
Shiva Prasad Thapa

I am a monitoring staff (intern) for JISP’s WASH project and this experience gave me a change to gain practical knowledge of humanitarian aid and relief.
Through my involvement in the program, I was able to meet the residents of the Saptari District (Nepal), the area which was devastated the most by the floods. This emergency wash intervention has provided safe water to the disaster victims of the Saptari District (Nepal). So, they can live under better hygienic conditions and lead a healthier life.
Although, I had faced a language barrier, the contribution from our translators, the JISP team and beneficiaries allowed me to ensure the best outcome. I learnt about Wash kits and filter systems for safe drinking water.
Finally, as I had always been interested in providing psycho-social support for people under disaster settings, this project has been truly a meaningful endeavor for me.
Sagar Nepal

*This emergency mission is funded by the Japan Platform
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