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What is the situation in North Iraq right now ? [2/5]

JISP Country Director has recently returned from a needs-assessment to Bajet Kandala, a camp for ID where 12,500 Yazidi people reside.

Although their very basic needs are cared for, people living in the camp are completely independent on aid.

“Life in the camp is difficult. Since the camp is practically in the middle of no-where, you can’t obtain basic things such as new shoes, or warm clothes.”

“When I visited there in mid-December, I saw many kids running around barefoot. it was extremely cold and I was shivering although I was properly dressed”, tells us Mayumi-san, whose hometown Rikuzen-takata in the Tohoku region brings to mind harsh winter and cold temperatures.

Because the camp is far from any population center, it is extremely difficult to find a job: the future is uncertain for many of the people, continues Mayumi.

The Yazidi are a small ethnic group, lacking political or economic influence.

That is why they receive very limited support.


JISP is currently developing a program to improve the livelihood of the residents of the Bajet Kandala camp.

[To be continued]